Inauguration of Center of Excellence at TU

Today, on April 26th the CESTour Centre of Excellence was officially jointly inaugurated by the Honorable Rector, Professor Bhushal, and Claudia Lindstch, CESTour Program Manager from FH Joanneum, Austria.

The ERASMUS-funded CESTour project officially began in January. 2021. and will conclude in January, 2024. Throughout its duration, CESTour aims to promote the exchange of sustainable tourism concepts and practices among higher educational institutions in Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka. With the goal of fostering long-term change in the sustainable tourism sector of these South Asian countries. CESTour also works to heighten university-business cooperation, strengthen teaching, and empower students. ERASMUS program partners in Austria, Spain, and Italy provide ongoing assistance to South Asian partners to support the realization of these program objectives.

It is exciting to share that under CESTour, have been granted to the purchase and installment of equipment that will support thé ability of TIJ, faculty, and other significant stakeholders to achieve goals related to the advancement of education and sustainable tourism in Nepal. With this equipment, in addition to physical reading material, CESTour has equipped TU with the resources to enhance its operations in the long-run.

Both the Honorable Rector and Claudia acknowledge the important role the CESTour Centre of Excellence will play in improving rules and regulations related to sustainable tourism in Nepal.

They also both echo the critical role of the centre in facilitating information exchange and stakeholder collaboration. It is certain that the centre will be fruitful for all stakeholders, including students, and increase both Europe-Nepal and South Asian engagement on sustainable tourism.

This inauguration is welcomed by Professor Ram Thapaliya, national CESTour team lead of Nepal, and ended by a vote of thanks by professor Bhattarai head of TO’s MTHS department.

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