Course Duration and Examination

  1. The Two-year MTHS course shall be divisible within 4 semesters and a student will be required to earn 60 credits to complete the Course.
  2. Each paper will be covered in a Total of 48 hours of which 38 hours are allotted for regular teaching and 10 hours for internal tests, seminars, project work, presentation, fieldwork, etc.
  3. The examination of the MTHS course is divided into 4-semester examinations. Each paper shall be of 100 marks out of which 60 marks will be evaluated in semester-end examinations and 40 marks shall be evaluated in the form of internal examinations, seminars, project works, presentations, fieldwork, etc.
  4. The student must appear in the semester-end examination given by the University for 60 Marks. The remaining 40 marks will be awarded based on the internal evaluation by the subject teachers and supervisors as follows;
Marking Criteria Marks
Attendance 5
Interaction, Participation, and Presentation 5
Assignment/ Project work/ Seminar paper/ Case study work 10
Class Test/Internal Examination 20
Total Mark 40
  1. Only the students who fulfill the following requirements shall be qualified to appear in semester-end examinations:
    • Minimum of 80 percent attendance in each subject in each semester.
    • Got a minimum of 40% marks in internal evaluation examination in each subject and 50% marks in aggregate.
    • A student who has not attended the requisite percentage of lectures or has obtained no marks in the internal assessment for any paper shall not be eligible to take the semester-end examination unless he/she repeats the concerned course and gets minimum pass marks.
  1. Internal evaluation examination carries 40 marks that will be awarded by the evaluation of concerned subject teachers and supervisors based on an overall evaluation as shown in the table given above. The students who get fail the internal evaluation examination in any subject will not be qualified for a semester-end examination conducted by the University.
  2. To evaluate the understanding of the student on the subject or problem, they will be assigned the term paper, project work, seminar paper, and a case study by the subject teachers on relevant topics, issues, or problems based on the curriculum. The student should prepare and submit a term paper, seminar paper, project work, or case study report that should be original and in the prescribed format. Any such report found copied or without references to the sources will be rejected at first.
  3. In the case of fieldwork(if any subject demand fieldwork for industry exposure), the students should submit their field report to the concerned teacher. The students will have to manage the total expenses of fieldwork by themselves. The fieldwork will be supervised and monitored by the concerned teacher.
  4. A student who has passed the semester examination(s) but discontinues his/her study for an academic session, will not be permitted to join the next semester again.
  5. The Thesis (or dissertation) report and Viva-voce shall be examined jointly by the internal and external examiners. The last date to submit the dissertation in two copies in the Department shall be one month after the commencement of the concerned semester examination. The topic of the dissertation report with synopsis will be approved by the Department. No dissertation will be accepted without the certificate of the supervisor and Head of the Department.